Basant Maheswari's - The Thoughtful Investor


  • This is one of the best books available on Indian Equity Markets.

    It explains various concepts about equity investing along with all formula, in simplified manner.

    All the sectors and companies from that sector are covered in detail, which helps investors to understand the potential opportunities of that sector quite well. Some of the ideas suggested to build winning strategies to gain higher profits by staying invested for a longer time, are very refreshing and helpful.

    This book also covers some of the areas, such as PSU stocks and other stocks which should be avoided for investing, which is important for any new investor.

    Portfolio construction methodology, which covers both concentrated and diversified portfolios, is discussed in depth, compared to any other forums available in India. Evaluating the management of business is also good topic which is discussed in this book and it makes us understand why management quality is an important parameter while selecting stock.

    Any new investor can immensely benefit by reading this book, as this book would help young investors to build a very robust core portfolio of stocks, to begin with by avoiding all mistakes made by most of the young investors, and then incrementally add to the core portfolio after building knowledge and experience in equity investing.

    Examples given in the book are from Indian equity market, which most of us can easily correlate with. Concept of ‘Buy what you see' which is based on Peter Lynch philosophy, adds more value to this book.

    Overall, this is an important book on Indian equity investing and is a "MUST HAVE" book for any young equity investor and also for an experienced equity investor.
- N/A's Review4 Star Rating